Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

**Please note that as of the April Bill, 2024  new rates go into effect.**  The minimum will increase to $55.00 per month with additional based on usage:


0 gallons $55.00 minimum Per 1,000 Gallons Per 10 Gallons
1-3,000 gallons  $11.00  $0.11
3,010-6,000 gallons   $12.00  $0.12
6,010-9,000 gallons  $13.00  $0.13
9,010-12,000 gallons  $14.00  $0.14
12,010-15,000 gallons  $15.00  $0.15
15,010-18,000 gallons  $16.00  $0.16
18,010-21,000 gallons  $17.00  $0.17
21,010-and Up   $18.00  $0.18

Our billing system prorates per 10 gallon intervals so this is not a flat "per 1000 gallon" charge and it does not round up

New membership applications can be found under the Forms & Reports section.  The current new membership fee is $1,200.00.

12/16/2021  There will be a $500.00 charge if a water line or meter is broken by a customer or hired contractor that did not receive a proper and timely (within 2 weeks) OKIE Dig Locate.

12/16/2021  Customers are not allowed to place locks on their meters.  Customers are now required to place a meter valve outside the District's meter box on the customer side of the meter to allow the customer to turn the water off to their line or to lock out their meter when they are not present.  

1/20/2022  All new meters are now required to have a meter valve placed on the customer side of the meter, outside the District's meter box.  

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