Proposed Projects

As of October 2021, the District is currently working with engineers on two major projects to update our system.  

Project #1:  To relocate and replace the existing intake dock.  The current intake dock is in need of stabilization repairs.  The engineers working on the project and the Board of Directors believe the best long term solution is to relocate and replace the exisiting system with a new, more up to date system.

Project #2:  We are working to install a second microfiltration membrane system to our plant.  This will provide a back up filtration system in case of natural disasters, such as what we experienced in February 2021.  In addition, it will allow us to ensure that as our system grows we are able to provide consistent water service without straining the exisiting system.  

For both of the above projects the District is actively seeking grant funding to assist in cost.  


Please check here for updates on these and any future proposed projects.