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Rate Increase and Policy Changes

At the December 16, 2021 Board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to increase the minimum charge by $1.00 per month to $38.00.  The minimum does still include the first 2,000 gallons of water, and no other teir changes were made.  The increase will take effect for the January billing period that will be due February 15, 2022.  To view the Resolution please visit the Customer Service and then Rates and Policies page on our website.


In addition, there will now be a $500.00 charge if a water line or meter is broken by a customer or hired contractor that did not receive a proper and timely OKIE Dig Locate.  

Customers are no longer allowed to place locks directly on their meters.  Should you feel the need to lock out your service line, please purchase and install a meter valve on the customer side of the meter.  These meter valves will provide a place to lock out the meter without inhibiting the districts ability to work on lines or meters.